January 2, 2012

Happy new years! ( + 365 project )

So here we are, the holidays are over and i'm already thinking about next year. finally! we've reached 2012, potentially our last year on this earth! do i believe it? no. having said that though, it's possible that it could be any one of our last years.

i'm not really about new years resolutions, i feel goals should be made and met throughout the year.. I also don't like how my gym suddenly has a spike in January and is so incredibly insanely busy that i miss out on classes.. and all of those people quit in the first month anyways (thanks). I assume it will be the same this year however i haven't been able to attend the gym in a long time while i've been nursing some injuries from a car accident.

Last year we had a few goals, my person goal was be healthy again, goal met.
We wanted to buy a new home last year, goal met.
We wanted to travel, goal met.

Overall 2011 was incredibly successful for us, is every aspect. Even though my job swallows my life whole, i love it. For 2012 i want to:

1. life life to the fullest!
2. make sure i stay in shape and keep up with my new lifestyle.
3. find more of a work life balance
4. start sewing regularly again.
5. travel, travel, travel. we are addicted.
6. keep up with my blog

as for number 6, see some pictures ive taken for the photo a day!

a couple of these are old pictures that i've found and re edited, you can find these all and more on my instagram:

stay tuned for a super cute, super cheap DIY art!