March 11, 2012

Things i loved this week.

Hey everyone!

I thought yesterday was friday, but quickly realized i was a day behind on my blog. I decided since i was already a day behind i might as well make it two. Normally i schedule these posts but i had a busy week at work, so it just didn't happen.

before i continue, let me just fill you in on the recents. we finished out button tufted ottoman that we made out of a coffee table, i'll post the how to later this week! I got my hair re done yesterday, i started going to a new hairdresser who i'm very happy with but she's on vacation for a month, so i went to the same salon and a different stylist. This was just supposed to be a touch up and my roots, she forewarned me that there were a few copper parts that just didn't take so well but looked like "highlights"(which i found weird because i've been doing this colours for 1 year.. year and a half). I got out of the salon at 6:02 PM and they closed at 6:00PM so i'm fairly certain she just wanted me out, these are random spots she legitimately just missed. i'm so terrible at complaining, i feel bad and i don't want to hurt their feelings. normally in this case i would go to the drugstore and dye my hair black and call it a "new look" but when you pay $130 for your roots and brightening the ends, you don't expect it to look like a raccoon tail.

I guess i'll have to give them a call when they open, wish me luck.. i'll probably straight up vomit as soon as they answer. /firstworldproblems.

now, for the things i loved this week.. i'm just trying to get away from the "house and home" i drool and obsess over so much, mainly because i start following through with these things i love and spend far way too much money re doing the place each year.. but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

side note: I think all of us tattooed artsy girls love nautical themes, i've been looking endlessly for a nautical themed bathing suit, since i can actually wear one comfortably this year, but i can't find a cute one for the life of me. send me some links if you know of any :)

1. i just about died over this ship diagram found at iscreenyouscreen. 2. this dreamy, whimsical feather watercolour from jodyvanb 3. this funny cat print found at popcapopca. 4. this pretty owl print found at corid. 5. this hilarious bulldog bride & groom found at millerseye

March 7, 2012

after a day from hell, i could use some pretty pictures

i guess it was just one of those days,

i was a little moody, a bit tired, pretty insecure & pretty much over it 2 hours after i woke up. all i could do to cheer up was creep some things on pinterest. I find inspirational/funny/adorable paintings and quotes help me get through these days. every time those feelings start coming back and your eyes well up for pretty much no reason, you open it back up and you forget.

i'm very artistically moved. i can be having the worst possible day and listening to a favorite song, or looking at a beautiful painting and it instantly turns that around. Unfortunately, the opposite can also be true (though not as easily).

so as a note to myself: cheer the &*%$ up buttercup! nothing in life should get you down.

March 2, 2012

Things i loved this week.

Hey everyone!

this week i've been dreaming of warmer weather & sun. welcome to "what i want to buy this week"!


1. "bike lane" dress found on anthropologie. 2. the "peach me i'm dreaming" dress from my favorite modcloth 3. this pretty "coincidence & chance revel dress" by urban outfitters 4. this pretty "staring at stars" dress, also from urban outfitters. 5. the "pony tales" top also by my number 2.

March 1, 2012

DIY pretty home made vases

hey everyone!

i told you folks i'd have a DIY for you, it's a little late but we were so caught up with finishing things around the house. turns out i found the inspiration i needed! my craft room is almost complete, our walls are finished, we have pictures hung, french doors up. when it's all said and done, i'll show you! for now, i'll show you these pretty DIY vases.

If you love vintage bottles & vases as much as i do, then you're going to like this. What you'll need:

  • latex paint in any colour you want
  • paint tray
  • bottles / vases or any glass wear you want.

it's seriously as simple as it gets.

1. plump a good amount of paint in to each bottle ( i used a large syringe for the skinny necked ones )
2. turn your bottle over and over until the inside is fully coated.
3. let the bottle sit upside down in your paint tray over night to dry!
4. find pretty flowers to put in them!