December 6, 2010

day 1 - ten facts


fact 1: i have an irrational fear of buttons.
fact 2: i love murder mystery shows. ( american justice, cold case files, 48 hours mystery )
fact 3: i married my best friend.
fact 4: my favzy once told me "true friends come out at your wedding" and they do. I have one true friend, amanda.
fact 5: i have an uncanny grapple addiction.
fact 6: i have an uncanny christmas addiction.
fact 7: i have an uncanny decoration..then re decorating & painting addiction which will probably lead to me being a lonely divorced cat lady. I think john hides my new style at homes that come in the mail.
fact 8: i bake, a lot.
fact 9: i have my cats portrait tattooed on me, she's still alive.
fact 10: i don't believe in making the bed.


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