December 14, 2010

day 9 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

this one wasn't too hard. three people.. again

first. I knew amanda was a good person and someone i wanted to keep as a friend. she's always given the best advice and we have the good kind of friendship.. kind of like a bromance, every girl needs a bromance. we don't bitch or get catty we enjoy the same things and it's just groovy. I realized how lucky i was when my wedding came, she was just there for me. a wedding is huge and i think the only reason i was able to get through it was because of her. it's hard to come by a good true friend, but i feel like i finally have.

second. my dad. plain and simple, papas been there for me with everything. i can't even think of the amount of times i've called him bawling my eyes out just because. the secrets we've shared and the overall bond we have. i'm not sure why things happened the way they did but for whatever reason by dad I stuck by each other. I don't know if the "good morning sweetheart" texts i get every day, or the "we have 29 ft of snow" when it's just started flurrying but he's my best friend and my favorite comedian. i love you dad.


auntie janet you're included in this too, for reasons like my dad. you've been the person i could talk to, colour with and craft with.. ICQ with, enjoy christmas with & farmville with. you're the one person who has truly understood me for who i am and the one person who never judged me for the decisions i make. when you know i'm wrong, you still love me & let me do my thing. i love you too auntie.

(see auntie poking her head out..)


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