November 16, 2011

christmas is coming!

I can't even begin to explain how incredibly excited i am for christmas. every year, i put the tree up the first week after halloween, my husband groans and whines and we don't invite people over until December to assure no one thinks we're crazy. I can't help it, i was raised to love christmas and i look forward to it every year beginning on boxing day (december 26th). for anyone who knows me, or has held a five minute conversation with me knows i'm a total nut about chirstmas, it's just in my blood!

We decorated our tree on sunday, here's a sneak peak:

This year will be the first year that we have a fire place to decorate too! naturally, i'm thinking about making new pretty stockings, pretty garlands, cozy fires, sugar free hot chocolates & snow. with this, you can expect to see a few DIY ideas on the blog in the next few months as i have a couple of fantastic ideas. Stay tuned to see the whole house in it's christmas get up!


  1. I'm pretty jealous! But Andrews the christmas nazi and I'm not allowed to think about decorating until Dec 1. Luckily it's only like 2 and a half weeks away AND I'm already almost done all Christmas presents. woot!

    What are some of your fav sugar free recipes? I'm going to try getting the whole household sugar free since mom may have cancer (and apparently that's one of the things to take out of the diet) plus we're fat and needed to anyway.

    also need to take out glueten and bread. one struggle at a time.

    ps: love the dusty pinks!

  2. i just replace sugar with splenda, but use less than the recipe requires because it's sweeter, on that note i have a lot of sugar free gluten free things that i eat. there are some good cook books like the south beach diet cook book, it's all gluten free and sugar free! i just eat a lot of eggs and turkey bacon to be honest, it's my favorite right now hahaha

  3. sweet! i know mom is worried about not getting her bacon! I told her turkey bacon is good, but i honestly had no idea :P lol