December 4, 2011

photo a day! 365 project

hey folks!

things have finally started to slow down in the camp, and i couldn't be happier. I've spent a lot of time refinishing furniture and redoing the bedroom, it just never stops. I don't think i can ever be fully satisfied with anything.. just when i think i am, the new issue of style at home comes in the mail, and my place is under "redecoration zone" again. the bonus to this, i have the second bedroom that needs to be done, and my lioness den. This is where i will be crafting and sewing up a storm, so i should probably make it pretty & inspirational. boy what a hard life! am i right?

I'll have a magnificent post for you guys tomorrow over on my very talented, dear friend Carly Kmytas blog, so make sure to check it out!

take a look at my photo a day photos below!


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