March 7, 2012

after a day from hell, i could use some pretty pictures

i guess it was just one of those days,

i was a little moody, a bit tired, pretty insecure & pretty much over it 2 hours after i woke up. all i could do to cheer up was creep some things on pinterest. I find inspirational/funny/adorable paintings and quotes help me get through these days. every time those feelings start coming back and your eyes well up for pretty much no reason, you open it back up and you forget.

i'm very artistically moved. i can be having the worst possible day and listening to a favorite song, or looking at a beautiful painting and it instantly turns that around. Unfortunately, the opposite can also be true (though not as easily).

so as a note to myself: cheer the &*%$ up buttercup! nothing in life should get you down.