March 1, 2012

DIY pretty home made vases

hey everyone!

i told you folks i'd have a DIY for you, it's a little late but we were so caught up with finishing things around the house. turns out i found the inspiration i needed! my craft room is almost complete, our walls are finished, we have pictures hung, french doors up. when it's all said and done, i'll show you! for now, i'll show you these pretty DIY vases.

If you love vintage bottles & vases as much as i do, then you're going to like this. What you'll need:

  • latex paint in any colour you want
  • paint tray
  • bottles / vases or any glass wear you want.

it's seriously as simple as it gets.

1. plump a good amount of paint in to each bottle ( i used a large syringe for the skinny necked ones )
2. turn your bottle over and over until the inside is fully coated.
3. let the bottle sit upside down in your paint tray over night to dry!
4. find pretty flowers to put in them!



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