January 25, 2011

all work and no play!

so lately i have cut my hours down to 30 a week, this has helped with overbearing stress of the allergictowork disease that i have. I like the company i work for, i like my pay, i like my pay cheques, i like my benefits, i don't necessarily like what i do, bu i don't hate either.. whats my problem? well, it's called work so i just don't like it.

I've been pretty busy getting back into my gym scene, i generally take summers off from the gym and do things outdoors, like hiking ( the burke summit is our favorite, it's an old abandoned ski hill with a bunch of abandoned chateaus.. i'll take pictures this year ). I've never been the type to eat breakfast and people always say "breakfast, breakfast, breakfast".. i used to say "shutup". I've recently started drinking meal replacements ( two weeks ) in the morning and for lunch, meals i would often skip or pick up from starbucks. They have helped with my muscle recovery the morning after and a plus note, i'm 7 lbs down in the last two weeks. can't complain.

with a history of unhealthy hearts, cholesterol, and many other things i've thought there is no better time then now ( well i started three years ago ) to get myself healthy. I have an awesome heart rate ( resting and active ) my blood pressure is great & after three years i'm finally over my fear of running.. sure i can only run for about 15-20 minutes but that's better then the 30 seconds i would last before i fell flat on my face a few years ago.. from two things dying for air and no coordination.

anyways, that;s my update. sorry it's a boring one.


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