January 10, 2011

just add more sprinkles special!

this is my Just add more sprinkles special, starring Miranda and Sadie raymond.

today I was called to duty: support miranda in babysitting her perfect little girl as she needed to go to an ultrasound for.... HER (their) NEW BABY! I can't say congratulations enough and how excited I am.. some plans changed and I actually went to the ultrasound with her.. i had to hold back my tears because i was so happy. i'm a big sap. I'm fairly certain all the other patients thought we were a lesbian couple, but i don't mind.

I brought the blanket i made for sadie and it's safe to say they both loved it. please see the most perfect child ever:




she had also been having some trouble with her sewing machine so i came to her aid. we ate very unhealthy ( to help the baby grow, right? ) shared food cravings and had an overall awesome day!

so thanks for the good times miranda!


  1. I think babies grow best with a little unhealthy food sometimes. She loves her blanket, and had a nap all wrapped up in it.