February 20, 2012

30 things. behind the blog.

Hello everyone!

to all my new followers, welcome to my blog! for those of you who don't know much about me (almost all of you), you're about to! 

1. first off, writing about yourself is always incredibly difficult. I have a really hard time writing about myself, my mind always draws a blank! My Name is maiden name is Nicole Macdonald. The majority of people in my life call me Coley, and my married name is Friesen.

2. i'm only 22, i'm married and we own our on home. we've made huge accomplishments as a young couple and have a lot to be proud of.

3. my tattoos are obviously a very prominent part of me, i got my first one when i was 15.
life with tattoos: i've have little old ladies come up to and make comments like "you're so naturally pretty, why did you do that to yourself?". people grab my arms, pull up my sleeves "ooing & awing" and downright invade my personal space without asking. Mothers grab their children and whisper "sweety you don't want tattoos like that when you're older do you??" my favorite is the "wow you have tattoos? look at this star i have on my hip, it's for this one time.." just like your tattoo artist most likely doesn't want to know what every star means, neither do i. I'm not a walking LA Ink counseling session.

4.my most meaningful tattoo is one of my first, a robin i have tattooed on my wrist. a robin to me is all things grandpa barker, the funniest & most loving man i ever knew. He used to sit at the dining table before we left for school each morning and sing "red red robin" with all the most important words missing.

5. I have an overwhelming addiction to refinishing furniture & painting my home. over & over & over again. I stay up late cutting out the perfect pieces of each room from magazines like Style At Home and gluing them in to bigger better more perfect rooms in my artbook, aka dream book.

6. I can't cook. I don't know how to, it freaks me out. i'm my own worst critic, i always feel like everything i cook is the most terrible thing john has ever eaten, but he's generally pretty impressed.. or just really nice! i do want to learn though!

7. I can on the other hand bake! I can bake up a storm, i create recipes, i make the most difficult cakes and i make them well. I've had way too many people tell me to open a bakery, but when you're hobby becomes your job, it's no longer fun.

8. my biggest fear ever is buttons. not jean buttons, but plastic buttons. I don't know why, i don't know how it started and it doesn't bother me too much, i just don't wear buttons & neither does john.

9. i'm your classic girl on this one.. my second biggest fear is spiders.

10. i spend way too much time searching for grapples ( google them, so delicious).

11. i don't believe in making the bed. why?! you make the bed, to go to work, to come home and un-make it. you don't even get to enjoy the glory of looking at the pretty well made bed. this is probably johns biggest pet peeve about me.

12. i record every episode of judge judy. enough said, don't judge me.

13. i'm a shop-a-holic. I believe in retail therapy., I go clothing shopping probably once a week and my closet is JAMMED.

14. i'm obsessed with picture frames. I hoard them. I have picture frames still un opened and wrapped in a closet that I feel one day, i might find the perfect picture to put in it, and have the most amazing, fabulous gallery wall ever.

15. i've watched every episode, form every season of degrassi. (degrassi is the worst Canadian television show everthat drake started on, i have no shame)

16. i obsess over cleaning random things, like baseboards. ask me to organize something and i'll whine all the way home.

17. i'm completely & totally addicted to instagram.

18. i refuse to wear socks. One time when i was a kid i had a wart on my foot and my best friend at the time nicole, said she stopped wearing socks and it got rid of hers. I stopped wearing socks, and it got rid of mine! ever since though, i haven't been able to wear socks. never ever. not even in the dead of winter.

19. i'm afraid of calling places. I always get john to do it. I won't call stores or companies to dispute a bill.. even though i worked in phone support, I hate being on the other end of that line 10x more.

20. the first thing i do when i get home is take off my pants. they restrict my life style & i'd prefer to live without them.

21. my biggest insecurity is my legs/knees. The paleness that never gets darker and the knobby knees.

22. the only thing constantly running through my mind is how i can improve my home. it might be a sickness.

23. i've broken 8 bones. both wrists, both arms, my right scaphoid (3 weeks before my wedding), my foot, my right index & middle knuckle. if you count, that's a lot of casts.

24. i get searched every time i cross the border. i think it's because this one time when i was 17 my friend nicole and i tried to drive down to California. I think they thought we were running away, long story short I was stuck in immigration for 7 hours, they took my fingerprints scanned our eyeballs and confiscated our strawberry jam.

25. my absolute most favorite colours are soft rose pink & seafoam.

26. i am obsessed with owls, they are the one thing i collect!

27. night owl.

28. I don't want children any time in the very near future, but every time school supplies come out, I wish i could buy them for beefy. that was always my favorite part of back to school.

29. We don't have a salt shaker in our house, we cut it out a few years ago. Now everything with added sodium tastes like a salt lick for a horse.

30. i REALLY want to live in Ireland.

That was one of the most difficult posts to write!


  1. #8. I remember hiding my big box of buttons that I collect when we lived together. From then on whenever someone mentions phobias that they think are silly I get angry at them. I'm a bit over defensive of my long ago roommate with koumpounophobia.

    1. hahaha you're so sweet! it's the weirdest thing, i would like to say i've come far with it, but i'm still the exact same! you're so sweet lol.