February 19, 2012

beautiful inspiration for the week ahead

word of last week? funk.

I've was in one. this was the one weekend where i promised not to make plans and get things done around the house that we've been in for 9 months. i did manage to accomplish some painting in our den, my soon to be sewing & craft room, but i'm finding it really hard to be inspired.  i'm normally creative, passionate, positive, funny & constantly inspired to better myself and better my living space. I want to find a desk and be inspired to refinish it, i want to find pretty fabrics and be inspired to make pretty curtains, most importantly, i want to find the time to do all of this.

Last week i was in a funk, i didn't feel inspired at all. i felt negative, overwhelmed & bored. Generally when i get like this, i like to re decorate my place to feel that fresh breath of "something new" but i haven't even finished my last over haul.

I felt tired, insecure, lazy & drained. I need to find the time to do the things i love, and i need to find the time to be me again. this feeling could be the weather that comes with the territory of where we live. If you don't know, Vancouver rains 10 months out of the year. during the winter when you finally get a sunny day, it leaves faster then it came & it can really get to you. you can't have a rainy day fund when you live in Vancouver, you have a snowy day fund, because it snows once a year and lasts 10 minutes but nobody goes outside on this day. I need to remember that outside of John & the fur babies, i should be my number one. I shouldn't be afraid to tell friends "no, not today".

today i'm going to sit in my pajamas, i'm going to drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee, i'm not going to do my hair or my make up, i'm going to refinish the fireplace and try to inspire myself. mother always told me nothing and nobody can make you feel anything, every way you feel and everything you do is your choice. Today i'm making the choice to pull out of my funk, to inspire myself, to sit in my pajamas & to share some cuddles with beef dog (to be honest, cuddles with beef dog would probably be enough to complete the rest of that list).

make sure you make the choice to be kind to yourself some times, put aside some time where you normally do everything for everyone else and do something for you! this picture really did it for me and i'm going to stare it all week when i start feel gloomy.


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