February 17, 2012

Things i loved this week.

Hey everyone,

it's about that time again! here are my most magnificent finds this week. This week is my inspiration for home decor & pretty finds for the house. I have to admit, a lot of these posts will probably be in this category.

1. the most amazing owl motif wallpaper from abigail edwards, i just about died when i saw this on HGTV and googled and googled until i finally found it. Well i found it, and i bought it, and it's pretty much as amazing as i'm gushing it out to be. 2. these super pretty, super soft chevron curtains found at urban outfitters 3. the most amazing owl umbrella stand found at twos company. 4. these handcrafted own nesting dolls found at savageartworks. 5. you may remember a post from me where i oogled over this room with a similar big octopus picture, well i found a really cheap, not very well done counterfeit of it here, it's also not black. better than nothing! 6. call me crazy, but i've been in love with white hardwood floors since the white on white issues of Style at Home magazine. I wouldn't dare mention this to John, i know the look i would i get!


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