February 12, 2012

what john came home from toronto with

Hey everyone!

I told you guys that i would show you better pictures of johns sleeve.. well here i am, making good on that promise. I'm about to show you just how nerdy my husband really is. He has a full sleeve of.. yes, batman (thanks to Danny Pennie @ Radium Tattoo)! John always told me he had these amazing plans for his sleeves and his whole back when we first met, and i of course didn't believe him, though I wanted it to be true because i was already slowly covering my arm. he came with me to all of my tattoo appointments and one day said "i think i might want to finally get one". Being the incredibly supportive wife i am, i pushed him over that edge and made him book his appointment. Now today, almost two years later, we're a a fairly heavily tattooed couple.

We're used to going for lunch and having servers grab our arms and twist, random people yank up our sleeves and ooh and ahh. I have to say there is a lot more positive from random people now a days then there used to be & my parents are more less supportive now. John says his mom still cringes every time he comes by with more, but that's to be expected we're their babies. I'm obviously happy we found each other, but also really happy he finally decided to take that leap 2 years ago. We get to go through the positives and the negatives together. When we get a snide comment, we can vent to each other and we understand, as lame as it sounds - it truly makes our relationship stronger & it makes us realize exactly why we're best friends.

For those of you thinking "my golly, what about when you're 80?!" it's simple. I'm not living for when i'm 80, an age i might not ever make it to. We all have a story, and being individuals, we all have a different way of telling that story.

can you play spot the beef dog? he tried to get in on every photo.


  1. Awesome sleeve! I love it! Oh beef dog, you ham!