February 11, 2012

Things i loved this week.

Hey Everyone

I used to love reading friday finds & friday favorites on my favorite blogs until i started finding too many things i loved. I now know why so many people do this..you need to catalogue your finds in some way! this is the valentines addition, and though i'm not a huge valentines freak, i love all of the pretty red hearts & how cute everything is that comes out around valentines!

1.the made with love spatula from modcloth.  
2. amazing cupcakes that make you want to squeal from the cupcake blog  
3. the most amazing hand made valentine ever found at cherry's jubilee    
4. the cutest mustache sporting "amour to love" octopus found also at modcloth  
5. the cutest ever valetines elephant.BlackBaroque etsy shop.
6. last but not least, these adorable conversation heart cookies found at sugar and flour.

if that didn't make you go stir crazy for valentines, then you're worse than me!


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