February 3, 2012

worlds worst blogger.. maybe second worst.

Hey everyone.

I already know i'm the worlds worst blogger, i wasn't always this way i promise! but we've been going on lot's of trips lately & moping around with the gross weather, not to mention I work crazy hours, but love every moment of my job! Today is one of the sunniest days i've seen in a long time & what better way to start the day and update my blog!

With john gone for the week working, it's just been me and the beefdog. we've watched a lot of teen mom & jersey shore ( don't judge me ) and he's done a lot of sleeping while i've been at work.

Rewind to before john left and my life became boring!

John and I went on a trip to Toronto to see our tattoo artist Danny Pennie, Him and his lovely jewelery making wife hosted us for the weekend. It was such an amazing time, and we were tattooed at the shop pretty much all day, 2 days straight. I'm usually the one who hogs all of Dannys time when we get to see him, so this time, i gracefully agreed to give it up!

this is what we came home with (i'll post better pictures of johns arm when he gets home as opposed to just a family portrait):

The owl is on my right thigh, don't you love how i gracefully just pulled my pants down for the picture? me too! Johns arm is a sleeve.. full of batman. It's really crazy & amazing and everyone stares at it & him wherever we go. I'll make sure to post some pictures of it as soon as hes home (which will hopefully be this weekend)

Remember that DIY i've been promising for a month? ( don't hate me ), well it's been done forever & hanging on my wall. You can expect that post tomorrow! I promise!

thanks for stopping by, here are some lovely photos from our trip & a couple of randoms to end this one:


  1. I cannot wait to see Johns tattoo! I love yours, and the pic of your pants around your ankles :) You're hilarious!