February 4, 2012

DIY - Deer Silhouette Painting

Hey everyone!

remember that blog post i promised you with the pretty DIY art? well, here it is! the best part about this DIY? it's perfect for people who have absolutely no artistic ability! like me!

my friend miranda, whom i've introduced you to several times taught me this pretty, amazing, super simple DIY!

This is what you'll need:

1. Canvas! I used 16x20 for an acrylic medium.
2. Paint! I used a black acrylic, but a black ink would work best & you'll only have to do one coat.
3. A book. I soooo did not use a bright shiny morning - it's my all time favorite book. I used a stephen king book that i've read 12 times and can get a 2nd paperback copy for $7.95. My friend Miranda used a nancy drew book, which i really liked because of the black and white images.
4. Modpodge in gloss luster.
5. Paintbrush x2. One big, one small.
6. very thin Sharpie or felt tip pen.

First things First. You're going to have to cut or rip pages out of your beloved book and place them on your canvas one at a time Take your big brush ( i used a 2 inch trim brush ) and modpoge over each piece of paper. I made sure to paper around the edges and corners of the canvas, so no canvas was showing at all.

once you've completed this step & let it dry for about an hour, if you have no artistic ability when it comes to drawing, like myself.. google whatever image you want & print it out. I found a doe head that I liked, then googled some antler that i knew wouldn't be too much of a pain to cut out. i did create my own antlers, to make them look more.. antlery by adding in extra spikes? or whatever they're called.

once i had my head all laid out, i had a problem moving forward. I really liked the grungy processed look of it, but move forward! you can always make it again!
now that everything is aligned and where you want it, just tape it down with scotch tape and line around it with you're super thin sharpie. lining it is honestly, probably the hardest part of this whole project, so that says a lot.

once your head is totally lined, paint! that's it.. paint inside the lines! give it about an hour to dry and modpodge over that bad boy and voila. you've created a masterpiece.. or atleast a pretty little DIY you can hang up and enjoy for under $25.