April 4, 2012

miss kitty

Hey everyone,

to go along with the “where have i been post” we finally just miss kitty back yesterday. She was gone for 9 days while she was receiving radiation treatment to kill a tumor. So far so good, kitty cakes is feeling a lot better. Since she is still a mutant kitty, we can only pet her for half hour a day and have to scoop her litter box while wearing gloves. This might not sound that hard, unless your cat is glued to your lap constantly & sleeps at your face.

So far the first night was spent with her scratching at the bedroom door and squealing to get in, it pretty much broke my heart. Funny enough though the tumor was in her throat so her voice has changed now, it’s a much lower pitch and not so blood curdling. THANK GOD.

A little back story on kitty cakes for those of you who don’t know me, i found kitty on a website here called petfinder. It’s an orginization that works with shelters here to take photos and write bios of all of their pets. I found kitty on here in 2008 and for some reason i was oddly attached to her despite her not having a bio written up. It took us a couple of weeks to locate her because she has been trasnfered from shelter to shelter. Once we finally found her they let us know that she doesn’t come out of her cage for anyone and she’s incredibly timid. As soon as i opened the crate she came and instantly walked in to my arms. It was at this point the shelter staff pretty much approved my application regardless of my info and we took her home. She was pretty skinny and not eating for the couple of days so we took her to the vet (she really didn’t like car rides). At this time we were young (we still are young) and pretty broke. We spent what then felt like a fortune running tests on her wondering if we’d be able to afford it and finally determined she had an illness, we quickly took it under control with some medication but as she grew older the medication seemed to stop working thus leading us to the radiation therapy that seems to have done wonders for her.

Back to her hating car rides.. we were unaware of what happened to kitty in her previous home we were pretty much told she was found as a stray & they had no info on her. We had noticed that aside from turning in to a horror show in cars, she had a really hard time jumping on things. She usually just walks up to whatever object she wants up on turns around, looks at us and meows. It’s worked pretty well, we just lift her up and she meows when she wants down. Turns out her previous owners attempted to get rid of her by through her out of a fast moving car window. I’ll never understand this happening to ANY animal, but especially kitty. She’s just the sweetest, most loveable cat ever. She had to broken back legs and had road rash all over her frail little body. She had eventually scoured under a tree where the spca thinks she went to die alone but a passerby found her.

I’m happy to say that she’s found her forever home with us & she knows how to love people again. She’s not shy at all anymore and welcomes every guest that comes over by sleeping in their shoes. Despite her incredibly first (but long) start, it’s amazing to see how she’s overcome the abuse she’s put up with and not to sound like a crazy cat lady, it motivates me to make the most out of my life as well.

We’re (well, more so just me & beefy) so thankful to have this little super model home again, i missed my little shadow.


  1. poor miss kitty. I am glad shes doing better. Its so painful to hear them whine and cry all night when you know all they want to do is cuddle you.

  2. What a beautiful kitty. So sad about the tumor:(

    <3 Marielley