April 2, 2012

where have i been?! + some instagram

Hey everyone,

i've been away for a few weeks, i took a surprise trip to kamloops to see some family that i really needed to see. recently we've had some huge things happen (things you just don't talk about on your blog) that really remind you to bring your family back together. Being with them was the exact kick in the butt i needed to remember to be a better person & your family is your family. your only family. people can be added in to this family, and unfortunately some people choose to leave your family but it's always the ones you least expect that will be there for you in the end. it's rather strange how it works really.

when i got back from said trip, i came to find beefy had eaten the internet. ( he chewed the ethernet cord, and though i work at a communications company i was too lazy to grab one from the front desk).. so yes, this is where i've been, with family and lazy.

In other news, i will be updating this week! currently jonah and i are on the hunt for a new sofa that we so desperately need! enjoy some instagram pictures of pretty skies and spring!


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